The ACF Facts

The American Culinary Federation, Inc. began in 1929. All chefs and cooks can showcase their skills in cooking and in table presentation as well. This federation originated in New York City, U.S.A. There are three particular chef’s organization that formed this famous American federation. In order to let the world know how skilled American chefs and cooks are worldwide, so this organization was formed. The growth of both the culinary industry and the federation made a great change and known as the largest organization for chefs.

The federation also conducts a cooking competition known as the Chef of the Year. The chefs of North America who participate in the Chef of the Year are all professional chefs. They actively participate in the cooking competition and represent their own region. The United States has four regions namely North East Region, Central Region, South East Region, and the Western Region. Each region have its own representative. Even the U.S military have a representative. To win as the Chef of the Year is surely a great honor.

To those who want to be the next Chef of the Year can freely participate in the competition. But before that, it is best to learn from the experienced chefs and be an apprentice who is willing to be trained. Actually, the organization itself offers educational resources, apprenticeship, and more. In this way, both the current chefs and the future chefs can develop their culinary skills. It is a great privilege for all of those who join in the organization.